The Holy Grail of Italian Ice Suppliers

Posted by Lilly on June 21, 2012 at 12:50 AM

Even though I've selected my Italian Ice wholesaler already, I was doing some thinking about the costs of using this supplier versus using others.  And I came to a crazy revelation that I just had to share.  If you're able to find a supplier who offers anything like what I'm about to disclose, jump on it and never let them go!

My supplier, Famous Italian Ices, is running a promotion for this entire season, which I believe it also did last year, and may be their permanent practice.  It's insane.  And I certainly welcome others to tell me that I have interpreted the program wrong.  But, until then, here goes.

  • Buy 5 Italian Ice buckets, Get the 6th FREE!
  • Each bucket costs $16.
  • Each bucket will serve $105 in product, the way I plan to sell it.
  • I buy 5 buckets and pay a total of $80 (tax is included).
  • They give me one FREE bucket
  • The 6th, FREE Italian Ice bucket will generate revenue of $105.

The beauty of this is that the free bucket Famous Italian Ice gives me, once sold, covers the cost of the first 5 buckets I bought.  I once wrote that it was like giving me a free $100 bill.  But it's also like buying all my stock free.  Then, not only does it cover the cost of the first 5 buckets, but I end up ahead of the game by an additional $25. 

The next time I walk in to buy my next set of 5 buckets, they give me another 6th tub FREE.  This leaves me again not having spent a penny on new stock, and up now by $50.  In essence, Famous is paying me for selling their product!  And this just goes on and on.  I never invest my own money into buying inventory!  And my revenue keeps growing by $25 infinitely.  Where else can you find such an amazing business practice? 

Now, let me add the little cherry on top.  Famous will also pay me $1 for every clean plastic tub I bring back to them for their recycling program.  So, for every 5 buckets, they pay me $5 when I return them.  And they even pay me that $1 on that 6th bucket of Italian Ice I already got from them for FREE!  So, really my revenue grows by $31 infinitely.  There is no limit on the number of buckets I can buy in this promotion.  Even if their ice were the worst tasting product on the planet, I'd have to use them as my wholesaler!  I would be out of my business mind not to. Yes, I realize that's an exaggeration, as horrible ice wouldn't sell.  But the actuality is that I absolutely love their ice, and it's one of the only wholesalers I found that uses all natural ingredients. 

If you've been contemplating which wholesaler to use, I suggest you run the numbers for yourself to see if this program works for you.  I am fortunate enough that I can drive to their location and buy my Italian Ice whenever I need it.  But, of course, shipping will change things a bit.  Still, if you're not having the product shipped too far and if you're not using cold storage, this promotion may set you farther ahead than any other wholesaler possibly could.

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Reply ProfitSee
10:08 AM on November 14, 2012 
I envy you right now because it's like you hit a gold mine! You don't have to buy by the pallet, per tub cost is the cheapest I've seen, they pay $1 for every clean tub you return, WOW! Sounds like winning all the way around! My supplier isn't bad as I wanted one close to home as possible and I also will be ordering individual tubs. A plus with mine is that though they are 4 hours away, they will be making weekly deliveries to my area during ice season and will only charge $5.95 for shipping!
Reply iceman
8:28 PM on February 11, 2013 
your very lucky to be close. I am 4 hours away one way but like my ice and can purchase any amount.
Reply Lilly
9:53 AM on February 12, 2013 
iceman says...
your very lucky to be close. I am 4 hours away one way but like my ice and can purchase any amount.

Iceman, you must LOVE your ice! Driving 4 hours shows serious commitment to your Italian Ice business. Finding a wholesaler whose Italian Ice you like is critical to success, though. But at least you're avoiding shipping!
Reply The Frozen Cup
7:02 AM on May 1, 2014 
Lilly says...
Do you get a free bucket for every increment of 5? (Ex: 80 buckets (full pallet), equals 16 free buckets)


Iceman, you must LOVE your ice! Driving 4 hours shows serious commitment to your Italian Ice business. Finding a wholesaler whose Italian Ice you like is critical to success, though. But at least you're avoiding shipping!
Reply Froyo
5:23 PM on March 22, 2016 
Seem like most of the wholesalers you mention are in PA. How does Philadelphia Water Ice measure up? Also, have you heard of or ever tried Richie's Italian Ice in Massachusetts?

Reply Lilly
6:20 PM on March 22, 2016 
Froyo, it seems like most of the wholesalers I mention are in PA because... well, they are! PA is the birthplace of Rita's and has a long history of Italian Ice, as do New York and New Jersey. So most of the heavy hitters are located here in the Northeast. Regarding Philadelphia Water Ice, they are huge here (also PA based) and tubs of select flavors can be bought at the local Sam's Club. But personally, I don't enjoy their much sweeter and artificial ingredients. That goes for my kids also - they're not fans. But it still sells very well, or they wouldn't be so successful. If you just want to sell ice and are not too picky, really any wholesaler will do you good. Because Italian Ice is so competitive where I live, I wanted to set myself apart from the crowd with a more natural product, and it's worked very well for me. Lastly, I have never tried Richie's - from what I understand, though, what I sell from Famous is very similar to that style of ice, which is also similar to the product sold in the NY area. I believe it's a classic, old-fashioned Italian Ice, not gummed up with additives. Not sure where you're from but it might be worth a trip for you to visit NY/NJ for an Italian Ice tour. ;)
Reply Froyo
1:42 PM on March 23, 2016 
Thanks for your feedback Lilly. I actually live in Georgia and I'm looking to introduce the product to my local market and expand from there.

I wanted to sell the pre-pack cups of ice as well as scoops of ice so I was looking for a vendor who provided both. From what I gather, Famous does not offer the pre-pack cups.
Reply Coach Jay
6:47 AM on April 17, 2016 
I wanted to know if you deliver to NJ and what would shipping be to Newark, NJ?
Reply Lilly
8:55 PM on April 17, 2016 
@Froyo, another supplier with good ice that sells tubs as well as prepackaged is Richie's Italian Ice. The sell a 10 oz. cup in lots of flavors (actually a lot more flavors than most offer!). Here's their link (copy & paste)... http://www.richiesslush.com/#!richies-10oz-pre-pak/c1vvo

@CoachJay, I'm not sure I understand you right. I'm sorry. But I don't make ice and I'm not a wholesaler. You might ask the companies on the Wholesalers page found under the Getting Started tab. Also, living in NJ, you have access to a LOT of local wholesalers. You might even live very close to one like me where you can pick up their ice, rather than have it shipped (very costly due to the weight and needing to stay frozen).
Reply Tonya parker
12:52 PM on August 30, 2016 
I live in North Carolina can I purchase from you. and how would you send it to me. Federal express. let me know if this is a possibility. Thank you.. Hope we can do business in the future.
Reply christy
10:35 AM on April 13, 2017 
i want to open up a small summer business but did not start researching yet.
looks like a good idea.