A Great Hand Sink Option

Posted by Lilly on July 13, 2012 at 1:30 PM

As many Italian Ice vendors are finding out, Health Departments across the country often require at minimum a hand sink on or near your cart when you're selling.  And if you've been one of the lucky ones to skirt this requirement, be aware that many states are adopting guidelines that will make it necessary for you to get one in the future. 

I came across this great option for a hand sink recently and, as usual, wanted to share it with my readers.  A concessionaire by the name of Jeff, who runs ConcessionSinks.com has designed and developed a fully portable sink that can be purchased complete, or you can buy the plans to easily build your own sink.  These include 3-compartment sinks and combinations of both handsink and 3-compartments.  The units appear easy to operate and maneuver, durable and lightweight, as seen here. 

Photo Credit: ConcessionSinks.com

Jeff provides many detailed video guides on the selection of his sinks and other videos to walk people through the building steps should you choose to craft your own.  He's also available via email and phone to assist.  I'm very impressed with the units he's offering, as the cost is substantially less than those offered by the likes of manufactuers such as C Nelson

From my own recent experience, one benefit of a standalone sink, if your Health Department will allow it (some require onboard sinks) is that you would have a modular selling unit.  And trust me, two pieces are much more transportable and easier to maneuver than one larger, bulkier and heavier vending/sink unit.  The modular aspect makes it easy, too, for you to take only the sink into your commissary to dispose of wastewater.  And for women who wish to work at selling Italian Ice alone, two lighter weight units are much easier to manage alone, if you are comfortable with the idea of making two trips for setup and takedown. 

Also, some Health Departments will let you operate a separate, independent hand sink, as long as it is somehow connected to your vending cart.  One seasoned concession veteran said he's been able to simply hook his pushcart to the sink with S-hooks in order to be compliant.  So ask your Health Department what specifically they will accept. 

Finally, another great aspect of ConcessionSink.com's sink unit is that they are complete standalone units, whereby the water is heated with a propane tank.  And if your Health Department requires pressurized water, Jeff's sinks operate with a 12-volt battery driven pump.  No electricity or generator is required, allowing you to vend anywhere you'd like. 

These sinks can also be wrapped in custom graphics by use of banners applied with velcro.  Or you can get your sink wrapped in steel or any other material you would like.  This, however, you would have to do on your own, as ConcessionSinks.com's units are pretty bare, but highly functional.

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Reply ProfitSee
10:02 AM on November 14, 2012 
Luckily for me, a sink is not needed! That is a pricey expense!