About This Site


Icy Profits™ was created from the frustration encountered while trying to start an Italian Ice pushcart business.  I came across so much information, much of it misleading, and most of it disorganized and inconsistent.  So, in my vigilant need for order, I've decided to share what I've learned and come across that I'm sure is of interest and use to so many others, like me, who are starting or thinking of starting an Italian Ice pushcart business.


Here I hope to provide you with one location to get as much information as you can possibly stand.  Initially, I'll be blogging about my experiences in getting my own pushcart business operational, and you're welcome to follow along, learning vicariously.  There will be a great deal of interesting information in the blog.  As I progress with this site, I'll organize that information into segments that you can quickly access via links on the Home page.


Questions will be answered.  Tips will be shared.  Products to solve your headaches will be revealed.  Bios of other pushcart vendors and their successes will be highlighted.  Advice from highly successful veterans in this business will be revealed.  A community will be built.  Join me and cut months or even years off your research and struggling to get your own business succeeding.  If you have a question, email me.  It will be my pleasure to help you, if I can, or direct you to the right place.  


Please note the new Vendor Directory.  Send me your website URL if you would like to be included in my new Italian Ice Vendor Directory.  Get your site noticed and partner with other vendors to increase your business opportunities.  This is your online networking place... and it's free to get listed.


Best of luck to us all!

About Me

Welcome, my name is Lilly, and I recently decided to go after a great idea... do what I love.  Well, for me, that is Italian Ice!  Though I grew up in Southern Florida, I discovered the scrumptious treat during my college years in the Northeast.  I then became a Cheesehead for a while (oh, the custard!).  But, as luck would have it, I returned to the Northeast after many years away, and rediscovered my favorite summer dessert.  I've now had the pleasure of making my own children addicts to Italian Ice.  So nothing made more sense than to try my hand at starting an Italian Ice pushcart business.  With my retail management and executive assistant background mixed with a love of efficiency, organization and summer heat, I feel this is the business for me.