Been A While!

Posted by Lilly on November 12, 2017 at 4:55 PM

Hello, fellow Icers!  It has been a seriously long time since I posted on this blog, and I just wanted you all to know... I'm still alive! 

Now, in case any of you were wondering what was going on (and it's so okay if you weren't), let me share a quick update about me and my business. 

About the time I wrote my last blog post, a whole year ago, I was in the middle of helping my daughter wrap up all of her college applications!  And what a process that was.  Yanking a procrastinating teen to start the weighty college process nearly killed me. I'm sure I'm not alone here, right parents?  Once that was finally completed, it was the dead of winter, my off season, and I moved on to other endeavors, like enjoying the holidays. 

When early spring rolled around, we began hearing answers from colleges where my daughter was accepted.  But we had to wait until the the end of March to hear from her top pick.  As luck and will would have it, she got into all of them!  Yay, smart girl!  Her top pick, however, was all the way out in Washington ...state, that is.  As many of you know, that's extremely far from Philadelphia.  So to make her dream come true, I proceeded to sell my house, my car and practically all our possesions for a lighter cross-country move. This past summer, my girlie and our two dogs trekked across this great country in six adventure-filled days.  We stopped in Chicago to visit with family we hadn't seen since before the recession hit.  From there, we made a summer to remember, stopping to see the Badlands in South Dakota, followed by Mt. Rushmore.  The highlight was our daylong tour through Yellowstone National Park.  I was driving right alongside huge bison and bubbling puddles of sulfur.  What a beautiful and humbling place that was to see.  We arrived in Washington in July, enjoyed a few weeks recouping and then got started preparing my daughter for "real life".  The little girl who started scooping Italian Ice with me at 13 has turned into a butterfly.  And off she flew to college in late September.

One thing I left behind in Philly, however, was my Italian Ice business.  One of the hardest things I've had to do.  And I mean that emotionally.  I really love selling Italian Ice.  I was fortunate to find a neighbor in my township to take it over, and then I connected her with my contacts and annual events and and got her up and running. 

So, I write this all to you now from the other side of the US!  It's West Coast living now for this gypsy! I'm hoping to be able to start up another Italian Ice business here since there is lots of opportunities for it, and the weather runs temps of 70's to 100's for most of the year with constant sun! 

Now about the site.  I'll be around to answer questions as usual, and will try to update the site periodically.  But for now, it's going to have to run on the awesome momentum you guys have given it with the forums.  I can't thank you all enough for the generous sharing of your own knowledge to help each other out.  Pat Meyer, especially, you are a blessing to this site!  Thank you a million times over for the fantastic and thorough advice you give everyone.

If there's any topic you'd like to learn more or inquire about, reach out to me.  My plan will be to keep you updated on industry trends, suppliers, and general information from here on.  Hopefully too, I will get to the backlog of blog posts I have had sitting in draft mode.

Until then, I'm wishing you all the best as we approach 2018.  Seasoned vendors know, now is the time to prepare for next season, update your setup, contact new events and get the engines fired. 

And I hope you all get to spend heartfelt and memorable times with your friends and families this holiday season! 

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