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Mita's Italian Ice
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It is often thought that selling a cold seasonal product is a summer business. And that is true. To a point. Actually, the summer season is when you get into the nitty gritty of the work, but there's much prep that goes on in the off season. 

If you are thinking of starting a summer biusiness, now is the time ti check off some to-do's.

  • Determine the market and where you think you best fit.
  • Establish what the County and state regs are for your business type.
  • Get legit (licenses, insurance, permits, etc.)
  • Create a business plan and establish a budget.
  • Research products and supplies. 
  • Establish your accounts and lead times.
  • Develop a visual identity.
  • Order sales materials (biz cards, brochures, signs/banners, etc.)
  • Reach out and establish sales locations. (festivals, markets, etc.) 

These are just a few, and each item can have a list of sub items. But as you can see, the "off" season can be just as busy as the "on" season!

From a manufacturers viewpoint, we love to talk with clients in the winter months. This helps us to develop a relationship, ship samples, and help in any way to make the process easier. So, it's not too early to reach out to product manufacturers!

If you are looking for an Italian Ice manufacturer, and are looking for a natural, real fruit  product (no artifical color or corn syrup) we would love to chat and help in any way. Either way, best wishes in your journey!


Mita's Italian Ice


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zenos ice
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You are so right Pat. I only have a few dates left to book for the season and I will be completely booked. Added some new local events this year as well as a permant location for one of the carts. We have a few wholesale accounts so we don't actually shut down during the winter months. We were at a state wide ice cream show the beginning if the month and found a potential three more wholesale accounts.

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