Franchises & Business Packages

Here you will find listings of Italian Ice business franchises and business packages.




Italian Ice Franchises

Franchises offer complete set up with a cart, trailer, truck or full retail store, supplies, marketing materials and guidance under a known brand name.  They usually require payment of ad fees, continuing royalties, and other expenses.


Happy Belly's Italian Ice

Ralph's Famous Italian Ices

Repicci's Italian Ice

Rita's Italian Ice

Uncle Louie G's Italian Ice

Zeppe's Italian Ice



Italian Ice Business Packages

Business packages are also offered by many companies, providing cart, Italian Ice, supplies, marketing materials and use of their name (if you choose), but do not impose any future royalties.  The business is yours to run as you like.


Famous Italian Ices

Little Jimmy's Italian Ice

Marino's Italian Ice (NY)

Mr. Cannoli (NY)

Mustache Mike's Italian Ice (licensed territories w/ no franchise fees; team recruitment)

Repicci's Italian Ice (Limited Time Offer: Retail Event Operator Franchise Option)

Richie's Italian Ice

Sunset Slush (located in NC)

Via Veneto Italian Ice

Start Your Own Franchise?

If you have a proven business system and are wishing to expand, franchising is a strong option. It provides a quick route to growth and uses other people's money and enthusiasm to open individual businesses. This book provides practical advice on how franchising works from two authors with years of experience. As well as being for potential franchisors, this book is also invaluable to owners of existing branch networks, practising franchisors and their management teams and candidates for the Diploma in Franchise Management. It will show you how to:

  • Decide whether your business should and could be franchised
  • Understand the franchisor/franchisee relationship
  • Structure the business so it works for both franchisor and franchisee
  • Prove the concept with pilot operations
  • Market your franchise and recruit franchisees
  • Motivate