When you're just starting out with any venture, there is always associated industry lingo.  To help you out, I've compiled this list of words you're likely to encounter as you start up your Italian Ice business.


Coldplate - a container, either built-in to a pushcart or an independent plastic unit, that is filled with a special solution which, when frozen, can maintain its frozen state for hours, much like those used in lunch boxes.


Commissary - a Health Department approved, inspected and licensed facility (kitchen or cleaning only station) where a cart must operate out of for cleaning and storage of food, cart and supplies

Disher - a mechanical tool with handle, small bowl and sliding mechanism used to scoop Italian Ice (often referred to as "scooper")


Novelties - the term for frozen confections that are prepackaged, such as popsicles and ice cream bars

Party Bucket - term used to refer to a 2.5 gallon (larger or smaller) bucket of Italian Ice sold at retail to consumers for their private use


PHF (Potentially Hazardous Foods) - an acronym used by Health Departments referring to foods that have a high risk of contamination and danger to the public, usually these include meat and dairy products


Plan Review - term for the document required by Health Departments that details explicitly the equipment you will use, specifications of cart, sink and other supplies, commissary information/agreement, as well as exact procedures for operating your Italian Ice vending business according to their guidelines.  Must be completed to be licensed by Health Department.


Prepackaged - term used to refer to individually factory-wrapped frozen consumables which are opened by the consumer, not the vendor

Spade - a tool with a handle and flat head used to push Italian Ice down into the bucket from the sides and to flatten out any holes in the Italian Ice due to scooping to prevent pools of liquid from forming

Turnkey - a term used to refer to a machine, cart, business or other entity that is complete and ready to be used/started immediately (e.g. turnkey pushcart, turnkey business/franchise)

Warewashing - the cleaning and sanitizing of utensils and food-contact surfaces of equipment


Wastewater - a Health Department term for water that has been used to wash hands or utensils in your hand or 3-compartment sinks which requires specific disposal methods (also called "gray water")


Wholesaler - a company that sells product to other businesses for a discounted price usually in large quantities


Winch - a motorized tool with metal cord and hook that can pull very large and/or heavy object, available in corded or cordless/rechargeable models